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T300000023.0Information DisplayGeocode button not working when I key in an address?04/14/20170
T300000063.0Data ManipulationThe Import TNM command looks for a .TNM file, this is not the format the format of a TNM 2.5 file. So what type of file is the Import TNM file going to import?04/17/20170
T300000083.0OtherThe batch processor needs to include an option to either run all receivers or active receivers. Right now it is not clear what receiver set it chooses to run.04/18/20170
T300000103.0GuidanceIn ArcGIS, when I set my files to a State Plan project, I get the follow message when validating the TNM GeoDatabase. "GeoDatabase Validate Error - Error: Not a valid TNM GeoDatabase - feature class spatial reference not v04/18/20170
T300000113.0Run Time, OtherThis could be either functionality or acoustics. The calculate contour zone command does not calculate the entire area of the drawn contour zone. It also takes a very long time to calculate relatively small zones.04/19/20170
T300000153.0GuidanceI get the following exception when attempting to open TNM 3.0 (standalone) on Windows 10. I tried to open it in Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility mode, but to no avail. """See the end of this message for details on inv04/21/20170
T300000173.0AcousticsDo Ground Zones now accept z coordinates and define terrain elevations? Is this new functionality to TNM3.0 or a bug? I have attached a picture of skew section where the ground zone was imported from a TNM2.5 file (thus, at 004/25/20171
T300000183.0Error MessageI followed the directions to install the program: first installing the SQL server update, then installing the Report Viewer Runtime, Then finally installing TNM and editing the esri license info in the config file. When I tr05/04/20171
T300000203.0OtherDuring installation - or even subsequently - it would be useful to be allowed to determine the location of the main database file (TNM.dat).05/08/20170
T300000213.0Data ManipulationWe'd like the ability to easily copy/paste multiple cells to/from spreadsheets.05/08/20170
T300000223.0Information Display3D View (and Barrier Design view) incorrectly shows all objects at an elevation of zero.05/08/20170
T300000233.0GuidanceIn 3D view, it would be useful to show object/point names as well as the location of object segment points.05/08/20170
T300000243.0Information DisplaySection (skew) view does not show the interpolated elevation where the object is actually cut - it incorrectly shows the elevation of the segment's start point.05/08/20171
T300000253.0Information DisplayDynamic linking between selected objects/segments and the object details pane is limited (e.g., You have to pre-select the desired roadway in the drop-down list and be on the "Segments" or "Traffic" tabs to observe any linkin05/09/20170
T300000263.0Information Display, Data ManipulationIn the Plan View, we are unable to select an individual segment on a Terrain Line, Building Row, Tree Zone, or Contour Zone. These individual segments are not dynamically linked for ease of editing.05/09/20170